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Play For Change

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Play For Change is building awareness through compelling campaigns and innovative content as well as create programming and emotionally charged initiatives that will contribute, effect, and create change for the human race.

Created by  Set Free to further amplify players' fight for change, in support of the use of their platform to initiate awareness, conversations, and change regarding specific causes.

Through work and partnership with Athletes across various sports and levels, Brands and Individuals globally, Compound is dedicated to combatting not only social injustice and racial inequality but also bringing awareness to all human rights and issues faced in our society through collaborative efforts.
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"By collaborating with Set Free on a number of projects, we as a union have been able to better tap into our players’ interests off the court. His understanding of both the basketball and art worlds have helped us innovate and fuse the two together to create events and content that really resonate with them."
                  Michele Roberts / NBPA Executive Director 
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