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Set Free - The Creative Jedi 

“Who is Set Free?” To some he is the creative genius who can think of the perfect plan on the spot. To others he is the Cultural Conduit masterfully connecting ideas, brands, and humans. No matter the role: Director, Creator, Philanthropist, Host and Personality,


Born in The Bronx and raised in Philadelphia, Set Free Richardson, founder of Compound–a creative collective and gallery where Art, Music, Fashion and Sports are fused together, inspiring an atmosphere of innovation and creativity–is known for incorporating his experiences with urban culture into breakthrough ideas.  

Set Free's ability to bring unique and authentic marketing ideas to the table has made him one of the most sought-after creatives in the industry, working with clients like Nike, Adidas, EA Sports, among many others.  His role in creating the AND1 Mixtapes propelled the AND1 brand into a multi-million-dollar franchise and international sensation. 
Always on the pulse of what’s happening, Set Free has leveraged his ties to various industries to become the creative go-to in the entertainment field and a tastemaker to the public. Featured in several national magazines– such as The New York Times, Slam Magazine, Adweek, Forbes and the Huffington Post, Set Free and the Compound brand has become known as the cultural nerve center, tapping into big name sports figures, musicians, and artists on a daily basis.  


Set Free Executive Produced and Co-Directed his ESPN 30 for 30 Documentary “The Greatest Mixtape Ever,” a documentary on how as a young New York City DJ, Set Free’s ingenuity of adding soundtracks of emerging rap music to grainy streetball highlights resulted in the cultural phenomenon, the AND1 Mixtapes, transforming the game of basketball.  


Set Free directed “Clarks and New York: Soles of the City”, a Clarks Original brand documentary highlighting the history of the Wallabee in NYC landing him a gold dolphin Cannes Corporate Tv & Media Award,  the very best in corporate media & TV of the year along with a Platinum Muse Award.


He joined creative studio, Helo as Executive Creative Director and directed “Chillboards” an eco- and socially-conscious experiential campaign for Coors Light, painting rooftops throughout Miami offering a more cost-effective cooling method for homes, landing him a Silver and Bronze 2022 Cannes Lions Awards and swept the Gold awards in 2023 ADC, The One Show, and the Clio award shows.


Set Free Richardson recently embarked on an inspiring multimedia project in collaboration with Listerine. This venture seamlessly blended the realms of art, music, fashion, and culture with a profound mission: diversifying the landscape of oral healthcare professionals. The project featured custom art by the renowned King Saladeen, adorning Cool Mint bottles available in Target & Walmart stores nationwide. Grammy award-winning artist Thundercat lent his musical brilliance to craft a unique soundtrack, enhancing the campaign's sensory experience. Additionally, exclusive limited-edition swag, curated in partnership with Hypebeast, was unveiled through an exclusive giveaway. At its core, this initiative aimed to address the stark statistic that only 4% of dentists identify as Black. Furthermore, a significant portion of the proceeds from bottle sales was directed toward supporting the noble cause of Increasing Diversity in Dentistry (IDID), a charity dedicated to fostering diversity within the profession.

With many coming on board with the Creative Jedi for the next big idea, who knows what will be compounded to be the next cultural experience!

“Mr. Richardson’s governing ethos is that combining creative disciplines usually yields something interesting.”                                                                                                     New York Times 
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