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About Me

Director. Creator. Personality. 
“Who is Set Free?” To some he is the creative genius who can think of the perfect plan on the spot. To others he is the Cultural Conduit masterfully connecting ideas, brands, and humans. No matter the role: Director, Creator, Philanthropist, Host and Personality,

Born in the Bronx and reared in Philadelphia, Set Free Richardson is known for implementing his experiences with urban culture into breakthrough ideas. His role in creating the AND1 Mixtapes propelled the AND1 brand into a multi-million-dollar franchise and international sensation.

The mastermind behind Compound, a creative entity where art, music, fashion, sports, and charity are fused. The space serves as an adult playground for work, curated events, and meetings of the minds, where various artistic people, by the likes of Chris Rock and Kevin Durant, come together to sharpen each other and give life to imagination.  

Featured in national magazines, such as The New York Times, Slam Magazine, Adweek, USA Today, and Huffington Post to name a few, Set Free, the Creative Jedi and Compound has become known as a cultural nerve center tapping into big name sports figures, musicians, and artists on a daily basis. 
Set Free’s ability to bring unique and authentic concepts to the table have made him one of the most sought-after creatives in the industry working with clients like Nike, ESPN, EA Sports, among many others.   
Set Free’s work ethic and portfolio lives within his company which encompasses and displays all of his passions and services. Forgoing college, Mr. Richardson now walks into rooms and rubs elbows with many notable figures wearing his popular Compound 7 hat, representing God, Creativity, and having the audacity to dream big dreams. 

“Mr. Richardson’s governing ethos is that combining creative disciplines usually yields something interesting.”                                   New York Times 
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